Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Doris - our minature pig, has decided and told us that she wants her own blog. I think she hopes that people might send her food parcels - she will do anything for a piece of bread, which for reasons known only to herself, is her favourite food. She follows us everywhere and although only 6 months old (as at Xmas '07), she is already doing tricks. She also loves our goats, plays with the puppies and winds up the doberman! She is able to calm all the dogs who board with us and could easily have a job as a dog whisperer on TV with her talents with dogs! She enjoys running amock whilst agility classes are taking place - and runs in circles at high speed - like a whippet. She is very, very clean and enjoys wandering into the house - usually in search of more food. She has to have fresh water after any food and will create like mad if she doesn't get her own way. She has pointed out that she is extremely clever and wants to learn tricks - presumably to show off and get more food! She is loving, cuddly and very friendly.

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